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Solution Name: Control Panel

Category: Business Intelligence and Analytics


Implementation of a customized control panel: exploitation of company data to improve decision-making processes.

Functionalities and services:

  • Parameterization for defining the particularities of commercialization processes, as well as for data loading. These hours are determined as follows:
  • Segment I (10-less than 50 employees): 70 hours of parameterization.
  • Segment II (3-less than 10 employees): 40 hours of parameterization.
  • Segment III (0-less than 3 employees): 30 hours of parameterization.
  • Implementation:
  • Data integration with other databases: access to other databases and comparison with exposed data.
  • Data storage: minimum storage capacity of 1 GB per user.
  • Creation of structured and visual data panels: customized data panels with relevant data and different visualization methods.
  • Data export: export of data to images or Excel documents.

Solution Price: from €2,000

Amount of aid: