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Solution Name: CRM Tool

Category: Customer Management


We will analyze both the implementation of existing programs and the creation of a new application tailored to your needs, with the aim of digitizing and optimizing the management of business relationships with your customers.

Functionalities and services:

  • Parameterization for defining the specificities of marketing processes, as well as for data loading. These hours are determined as follows:
  • Companies with 10 to less than 50 employees: 40 hours of parameterization.
  • Companies with 0 to less than 10 employees: 30 hours of parameterization.
  • Implementation and deployment of the digitalization solution:
  • Customer Management: storage and consultation of customer data from their registration as a business opportunity and the simulation of product purchases or service contracts.
  • Lead Management: registration of new leads manually or by file import. The data associated with the leads should allow their commercial management with the aim of converting them into customers. The solution will include the functionality of parameterizing business rules for lead assignment according to different criteria.
  • Opportunity Management: management of business opportunities involving sending offers and quotes to potential customers or leads. Status of each opportunity (under analysis, offer presented, in negotiation, won, canceled, etc.).
  • Commercial Actions or Tasks: creation of commercial actions and tasks, both manually and automatically.
  • Reporting, planning, and commercial monitoring: monitoring through indicators (KPIs), pipeline, and others, with different levels of information aggregation depending on the user’s profile. Generation of reports for monitoring and monitoring commercial activity, contemplating efficiency ratios, phase status, pipeline, and other measurable attributes (such as products, quotations, etc.), and according to channels, profiles, roles, and/or commercial phases. These reports can show monthly, cumulative, and/or comparative data between different commercial exercises.
  • Alerts: Graphical alerts for clients of different types (icons, pop-up messages, etc.).
  • Document Management: software for centralized management of documentation, capable of inserting and/or linking documents both related to commercial activity and those provided by clients themselves.
  • Responsive Design: The interface adapts to be functional on all types of devices.
  • Integration with Various Platforms: Availability of APIs or Web Services for consolidating information and data from across the company.

Price for this solution: starting from €3,000

Amount of aid: