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Solution Name: Threat Prevention

Category: Cybersecurity


Let’s ensure that all your devices are safe from possible external threats.

Functionalities and services:

  • Antimalware: The solution will provide a tool to analyze the device, its internal memory, and external storage devices.
  • Antispyware: The solution will provide a tool to detect and prevent spyware.
  • Secure Email: The solution will provide email analysis tools with the following features:
    • Antispam, with detection and filtering of unwanted emails;
    • Antiphishing, with detection of emails with links or malware suspected of stealing credentials;
  • Secure Browsing:
    • Content control.
    • Antiadware to prevent malicious ads.
  • Threat Analysis and Detection: The solution will allow understanding the behavior of known and new threats.
  • Network Monitoring: The solution will provide tools to analyze network traffic and alert of threats.
  • Initial Configuration and Security Updates: An initial configuration will be performed for proper use, with respective updates of malware signatures and other data for threat detection, as well as periodic security software updates required.
  • Training: Training provided to the beneficiary will include tutoring for configuring security software, as well as including a cybersecurity awareness kit to complement the solution with human firewall skills.

Price of this solution: from €125/user

Amount of aid: