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Solution Name: e-Invoice

Category: Electronic Invoicing

Digitize the flow of invoice issuance between beneficiary companies and their clients.

Functionalities and Services:

  • Parameterization for defining the specifics, modification, and configuration of the electronic sales invoice; numbering, language, discounts, additional data, visualization, formats, etc. These hours are determined as follows:
  • Segments I (10-less than 50 employees) and II (3-less than 10 employees): 10 hours of parameterization.
  • Segment III (0-less than 3 employees): 5 hours of parameterization.
  • Implementation and deployment of the solution:
  • Structured format invoices: issuance of invoices in structured formats, at least in FACTURA-E format, to facilitate automated processing.
  • Unlimited invoice issuance
  • Unlimited clients: sending invoices to an unlimited number of clients.
  • Unlimited products or services: creation of an unlimited number of billable products and/or services within the catalog.
  • Email invoice delivery: direct email delivery of invoices.
  • Invoice customization: invoices generated by the solution will be customizable, including logo selection.
  • Periodic backups: periodic backups.
  • 1 GB Storage/Invoice History: storage of at least 1 GB for invoices.
  • Integration with other solutions: APIs or Web Services for integration with other tools. It will also allow manual data loading.
  • Invoicing expiration control system
  • Compliance with the Regulation governing billing obligations of Royal Decree 1619/2012, as well as any applicable regulations.

Price for this solution: starting from €800

Amount of aid: