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Solution Name: BMP

Category: Process Management


Implementation of existing programs or creation of a tailored tool to digitize and/or automate business processes related to operational or production aspects.

Functionalities and services:

  • Parameterization for defining the specificities of marketing processes, as well as for data loading. These hours are determined as follows:
  • Segment I (10-less than 50 employees): 60 hours of parameterization.
  • Segments II (3-less than 10 employees) and III (0-less than 3 employees): 45 hours of parameterization.
  • Implementation and deployment of the digitalization solution:
  • Digitalization and/or automation of processes and workflows such as:
  • Accounting/Finance: accounts receivable/payable, asset management, and generation of closings and balances, etc.
  • Invoicing: automation of invoicing processes with budget generation, delivery notes, and invoices.
  • Projects: budget control, costs, estimates, resource optimization, etc.
  • Inventory: forecast, stock levels, shipments, distributions, returns, and cancellations, etc.
  • Purchases and Payments: management of purchase orders and suppliers.
  • Human Resources: human resources management, payroll, etc.
  • Logistics: fleet and route management, among others.
  • Integration with Various Platforms: APIs or Web Services for integration with other tools.
  • Upgradable with new versions.
  • Scalable: adaptable to potential growth or changes in the company’s structure.
  • Compliance with the Regulation governing billing obligations of Royal Decree 1619/2012, as well as any applicable regulations. In particular, invoicing and accounting processes, inventories, and purchases and payments must guarantee the integrity, preservation, accessibility, readability, traceability, and inalterability of records in accordance with applicable regulations.

Price for this solution: starting from €1,000

Amount of aid: